Design & Implementation

A properly designed plan can benefit the owners, the employees, and the company. We meet with you to learn the particulars of your company, your expectations of the plan, and who the plan is to benefit. We will then design the best plan for your needs and guide your company through the process of implementing your plan.

Plan Takeover

We can take over a plan and assume the recordkeeping administrative duties. We work with you and your current provider to plan a target date and provide a list of required data and reports to ensure a smooth transition.


Once a plan is designed, we can introduce the plan to all eligible employees at a tandem meeting with the plan's investment advisor. We assist in preparing enrollment packets.

Annual Testing & Required Filings

We perform the required annual reports, testing, and tax filings in order to keep your plan in compliance with current legislative requirements.

Recordkeeping & Administration


  • Employee eligibility
  • Plan entry dates
  • Vesting schedules
  • Employer allowable contributions
  • Required Discrimination Testing
  • Determine Distribution Amounts
  • Loan processing
  • Trust accounting
  • Participant transfers
  • Distribution Packets including Tax Notice and Release Forms